2023-03-05 05:17:19 +00:00
finetunes added dropdown to select autoregressive model for TTS, fixed a bug where the settings saveer constantly fires I hate gradio so much why are dropdown.change broken to contiuously fire and send an empty array 2023-02-18 14:10:26 +00:00
tortoise almost 2023-02-17 15:53:50 +00:00
.gitkeep almost 2023-02-17 15:53:50 +00:00
.template.yaml added option to set worker size in training config generator (because the default is overkill), for whisper transcriptions, load a specialized language model if it exists (for now, only english), output transcription to web UI when done transcribing 2023-03-05 05:17:19 +00:00