set use-deepspeed to false because it's not a dependency and installing it as a dependency under windows is a huge nightmare

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mrq 2023-09-04 22:09:09 +00:00
parent 29c270d1cc
commit 5f80ee9b38

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@ -3272,7 +3272,7 @@ def setup_args(cli=False):
'embed-output-metadata': True,
'latents-lean-and-mean': True,
'voice-fixer': False, # getting tired of long initialization times in a Colab for downloading a large dataset for it
'use-deepspeed': True,
'use-deepspeed': False,
'voice-fixer-use-cuda': True,
@ -3959,4 +3959,4 @@ def merge_models( primary_model_name, secondary_model_name, alpha, progress=gr.P
torch.save(theta_0, output_path)
message = f"Saved to {output_path}"
return message
return message