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Websocket server, override args parameters for model settings (squashed)

Revert "favor existing arguments from parameters (kwargs) over global (args)"

This reverts commit 89102347a956ebcfe9a83ae7d1aa1336f1c53483.

args are now updated in the websocket server
ben_mkiv 2023-08-22 23:09:42 +07:00
parent 5d73d9e71c
commit ce24ba41e2
1 changed files with 16 additions and 2 deletions

@ -4,8 +4,7 @@ from threading import Thread
from websockets.server import serve
from utils import generate, get_autoregressive_models, get_voice_list
from utils import generate, get_autoregressive_models, get_voice_list, args
# this is a not so nice workaround to set values to None if their string value is "None"
def replaceNoneStringWithNone(message):
@ -19,6 +18,21 @@ def replaceNoneStringWithNone(message):
async def _handle_generate(websocket, message):
global args
# update args parameters which control the model settings
if message.get('autoregressive_model'):
args.autoregressive_model = message['autoregressive_model']
if message.get('diffusion_model'):
args.diffusion_model = message['diffusion_model']
if message.get('tokenizer_json'):
args.tokenizer_json = message['tokenizer_json']
if message.get('sample_batch_size'):
args.sample_batch_size = message['sample_batch_size']
message['result'] = generate(**message)
await websocket.send(json.dumps(replaceNoneStringWithNone(message)))