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Reporting Other Errors

I do not have all possible errors documented, so if you encounter one that you can't resolve, please open an Issue with adequate information, including:

  • python version
  • GPU
  • stack trace (or full console output preferred), wrapped in ```[trace]```
  • summary of what you were doing

and I'll try my best to remedy it, even if it's something small like not reading the documentation.

Please, please, please provide either a full stack trace of the error (if running the web UI) or the command prompt output (if running a script). I will not know what's wrong if you only provide the error message itself, as errors are heavily predicated on the full state it happened. Without it, I cannot help you, as I would only be able to make assumptions.

If this is an issue related to a model being trained, please, please, please include information about your training parameters and the graphs. I cannot easily offer any insight if I do not know what I'm diagnosing.

Pitfalls You May Encounter

I'll try and make a list of "common" (or what I feel may be common that I experience) issues with getting TorToiSe set up:

"I can't use the Web UI when it shows an error"

For god knows why, the Gradio web UI will prevent clicking on anything if it's listening outside of

You must click the (X) icon next to the error message to dismiss it before using the web UI again.

No hardware acceleration is available, falling back to CPU...

Be sure you have used the right script for setup:

  • NVIDIA: setup-cuda.bat / setup-cuda.sh
  • AMD: setup-directml.bat / setup-rocm.sh

On NVIDIA, it seems some users require additional drivers for CUDA capabilities to be exposed. I'm not too sure about this myself, as I have the bare minimum drivers for my 2060, and might have gotten some CUDA runtimes through Nsight.

On Linux + AMD, you also need to ensure you have the ROCm-capable drivers/runtime installed. Please consult your distro's literature on how to install ROCm-capable drivers/runtime.

On Windows + AMD, I'm not too sure how this would be thrown, as DirectML does some DX12 wizardry for compute.

failed reading zip archive: failed finding central directory

You had a file fail to download completely during the model downloading initialization phase.

Please open either .\models\tortoise\ or .\models\transformers\, and delete the offending file.

You can deduce what that file is by reading the stack trace. A few lines above the last like will be a line trying to read a model path.

Voicefixer is taking forever to download

Lately, it seems it just takes way too long to download Voicefixer's models. Just be patient.

torch.cuda.OutOfMemoryError: CUDA out of memory.

For generating: you most likely have a GPU with low VRAM (~4GiB), and the small optimizations with keeping data on the GPU is enough to OOM. Please check the Low VRAM option under the Settings tab.

If you do have a beefy GPU:

  • if you have very large voice input files, increase the Voice Chunk slider, as the scripts will try and compute a voice's latents in pieces, rather than in one chunk.
  • if you're trying to generate a long sentence, please break your sentences into pieces, and set the Line Delimiter to \n.
  • if you're simply trying to generate something small, please reduce your Sample Batch Size under the Settings tab.
  • if you're getting this during a voicefixer pass, while using CUDA for it is enabled, please try disabling CUDA for Voice Fixer under the Settings tab, as it has its own model it loads into VRAM.
  • if you're trying to create an LJSpeech dataset under Train > Prepare Dataset, please use a smaller Whisper model size under Settings.

For training: on Pascal-and-before cards, training is pretty much an impossible feat, as consumer cards lack the VRAM necessary to train, or the dedicated silicon to leverage optimizations like BitsAndBytes.

If you have a Turing (or beyond) card, you may have too large of a batch size, or a mega batch factor. Please try and reduce it before trying again, and ensure TorToiSe is NOT loaded by using the Do Not Load TTS On Startup option and restarting the web UI.

If you're in dire need to train, please try to train on a Colab notebook.

WavFileWarning: Chunk (non-data) not understood, skipping it.

This is a rather innocuous error. I don't think generation quality is impacted at all, but if you insist on making it go away, remux your WAVs with something like ffmpeg.

AttributeError: module 'ffmpeg' has no attribute 'input'

The python package ffmpeg-python is very meticulous when installing it through openai/whisper. In a command prompt, with the current working directory set to the repo, run:

  • Windows:
call .\venv\Scripts\activate.bat
python -m pip uninstall ffmpeg ffmpeg-python
python -m pip install ffmpeg-python
  • Linux:
source ./venv/bin/activate
pip uninstall ffmpeg ffmpeg-python
pip install torch ffmpeg-python

AttributeError: module 'torch._C' has no attribute '_cuda_setDevice'

You more than likely need to reinstall PyTorch. In a command prompt, with the current working directory set to the repo, run:

  • Windows:
call .\venv\Scripts\activate.bat
python -m pip uninstall torch torchvision torchaudio
python -m pip install torch torchvision torchaudio --extra-index-url https://download.pytorch.org/whl/cu116
  • Linux:
source ./venv/bin/activate
pip uninstall torch torchvision torchaudio
pip install torch torchvision torchaudio --extra-index-url https://download.pytorch.org/whl/cu116

[WinError 5] Access is denied:

This occurs when you:

  • finetune from zero
  • stop a training process
  • start finetuning again from zero
  • DLAS will attempt to backup and move the old folder, but because of a zombie Python process still having "ownership" of the folder, the folder cannot be removed

Open a command prompt and type tskill python to kill all Python processes. Relaunch the web UI, and try to train again.

local_state[k] = v[grad_accum_step] / IndexError: list index out of range

Your Gradiant Accumulation Size is too large for your given Batch Size. Please reduce it to, at most, half your batch size, or use the validation button to correct this.