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Merge pull request 'favor existing arguments from parameters (kwargs) over global (args)' (#336) from ben_mkiv/ai-voice-cloning:master into master

Reviewed-on: mrq/ai-voice-cloning#336
mrq 2023-08-23 21:05:36 +07:00
commit e613299304
1 changed files with 16 additions and 2 deletions

@ -4,8 +4,7 @@ from threading import Thread
from websockets.server import serve
from utils import generate, get_autoregressive_models, get_voice_list
from utils import generate, get_autoregressive_models, get_voice_list, args
# this is a not so nice workaround to set values to None if their string value is "None"
def replaceNoneStringWithNone(message):
@ -19,6 +18,21 @@ def replaceNoneStringWithNone(message):
async def _handle_generate(websocket, message):
global args
# update args parameters which control the model settings
if message.get('autoregressive_model'):
args.autoregressive_model = message['autoregressive_model']
if message.get('diffusion_model'):
args.diffusion_model = message['diffusion_model']
if message.get('tokenizer_json'):
args.tokenizer_json = message['tokenizer_json']
if message.get('sample_batch_size'):
args.sample_batch_size = message['sample_batch_size']
message['result'] = generate(**message)
await websocket.send(json.dumps(replaceNoneStringWithNone(message)))