3 Utilities
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In this tab, you can find some helper utilities that might be of assistance.


For now, an analog to the PNG info found in Voldy's Stable Diffusion Web UI resides here. With it, you can upload an audio file generated with this web UI to view the settings used to generate that output. Additionally, the voice latents used to generate the uploaded audio clip can be extracted.

If you want to reuse its generation settings, simply click Copy Settings.

To import a voice, click Import Voice. Remember to click Refresh Voice List in the Generate panel afterwards, if it's a new voice.


This section is for debugging purposes while working with custom tokenizer vocabs. You can use this to see how a given input will tokenize.

Model Mixing

Given model A and model B, you can merge two models together by a weight factor (0 will favor model A, 1 will favor model B). My very, very, impromptu and cursory test yielded already great results:

Mixing is pretty quick, and will output the new model at ./models/finetunes/modelA_modelB_weight_merge.pth

Use cases for this will be noted at a later time.