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Using the Software

Now you're ready to generate clips. With the command prompt still open, simply enter start.bat (or start.sh), and wait for it to print out a URL to open in your browser, something like

If you're looking to access your copy of TorToiSe from outside your local network, tick the Public Share Gradio button in the Settings tab, then restart.

Before actually using the software, please consult the Collecting Samples page, as use of this software is under the heavy assumption you're using it to voice clone, rather than just synthesis voice. You can still use it with the random voice feature, but it's not the purpose.

TorToiSe, the underlying TTS software, is a zero-shot speech synthesizer: no further training is required, and some voices can get pretty decent output as-is with the default model.

However, some voices (or languages) require some fine-tuning of the base model to get better, stronger output. If you're looking to get better output, consider finetuning with the Training tab.

If you're not sure, it does not hurt to play around with the default models, and see what works.

For more information for a given tab, consult the Sidebar.